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The insurance risk products offered by Richton include cover for:

  • Employee Benefit Risks - i.e. Group Death, disability, personal accident, funeral, medical aid
  • Individual Life insurance products - i.e. Death, disability, funeral, medical aid, life annuities
  • Short term risks - both corporate and individual
  • Specialist risks
  • Insurance related investments

Richton have successfully run Group Umbrella Risk Schemes since 1986. Our long history and experience with Umbrella Risk Funds enables us to efficiently package and administer risk funds in partnership with our associates. Our risk management experience has ensured that all parties to the transaction benefit, that is Clients, Professional Associates and underwriters.

Insurance delivery happens when a claim arises. Richton recognizes that speedy claim settlement is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. For this reason, together with IT professionals Richton has developed state of the art online claim settlement facilities. Clients are able to login and lodge claims, monitor their progress, and participate in the settlement process. The work-flow based system automatically monitors progress and reports regularly to all the stakeholders. Our negotiated turn-around times with the underwriters ensure claims are settled impressively fast.

To take part in the process, register with our online facility and you will be given secure confidential access to your claim settlement facility.


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